Tribute to Konocti Girls Scout Council

Konocti Council Girl Scouts TributeGirl Scouting provides girls with activities that develop self-esteem, self-reliance, leadership and teamwork skills, all under the guidance of trained adult leaders.

Our council’s name, Konocti, comes from the name of Mount Konocti, from which one can see all three of the counties we serve; Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake Counties. Founded in 1958, our council now serves over 5,000 girls and 2,000 adult members.



Girl Scout Program Goals

  1. Develop Self-potential :
    Growth in skills, habits and attitudes to achieve full potential.

  2. Relate to Others:
    Learn to establish and maintain healthy relationships based on understanding, trust and respect.

  3. Develop Values:
    Identify the values to guide actions and provide a foundation for sound decisions.

  4. Contribute to Society:
    Service to local and global communities with projects that emphasize leadership and group work skills.


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  1. Vicki David

    I am part of the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild. We are currently considering have a teaching day for young people who would like to learn how to quilt. Before we proceed with any plans, we would like to know if this is something that your organization would possibly be interested in attending. It would be at no cost those attending. Please give us your feedback so that we know if this is something of interest to you or not.

    Thank you,
    Vicki David

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